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SkirtGirlHiker Foundation

Skirtgirlhiker Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation. 


HikeForAPurpose-Skirtgirlhiker @leera_1 is moving mountains to restore the dignity of SouthAfricans, one community, CancerPatient & Ostomate at a time

Who We Are

SkirtGirlHiker hikes Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to raise funds for Cancer and Ostomy Patients

Never underestimate the difference you can make in lives of others. Step forward, reach out, and help.

In 2020 while many lives had been shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic, Lerato, founder of SkirtGirlHiker Foundation was diagnosed with stage 3 Colorectal Cancer.  This meant: receiving immediate medical attention, undergo multiple surgeries; chemotherapy and radiation. Through this journey, she also became a permanent Ostomate after losing her colon to cancer.

The costs of all the medical attention received during this period were exorbitant, even after all the treatment procedures the Ostomy journey continued to require medical attention and supplies.  Lack of access to basic medical care has become a reality for many South Africans dealing with ongoing costs.

As a result the SkirtGirlHiker Foundation will attempt to close the care gap by raising funds for medical attention of Colorectal Cancer patients and access to medical attention for stoma patients in the form of stomatherapy, mental wellness and medical supplies.

Nothing carries more potential for change than individual acts of human kindness. Join hands with us as we make an impact in the lives of South Africans' stoma and cancer patients.

When it looked like the sun wasn't going to shine anymore , God put a rainbow in the clouds. Maya Angelou

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