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... A Few of my Favourite things 🎼🎼🎤🎤

T H E _ W E E K E N D is upon us and well i'm wondering... what are you getting up to and What are some of the items you can’t do without out there?

Just thought to take you through a few of my favourite things...- wait, what? did you hear that... or is it just in my head... Bloody Sound of Music has overtaken my brain cells again haha - I heard the music 🎼🎤🎤 !!!!

There you go - its worth a little a listen if your childhood did not involve those gorgeous hills that were alive with The Sound of Music (9) My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music - YouTube... Now where was I? oh yes the list of my favourite things

I have been a super collector of beanies and my latest faves that kept me warm during those cold winter days and nights has been from ones I bought from @litchicreations - creative with a personal touch, this creative genius is detail orientated and I love her work! I keep going back like a... okay no lets stop here lest the universe hears me and aligns!

A recent acquisition... I’ve always loved winter adventure but damn the weather can be mean. Those struggles all fizzled out when I got myself a 3-in-1 @firstascentsa jacket that’s super versatile and wearable all year around, individually or all items together ! A winner. Look I mean I have to attribute some credit to my long standing Hitec pink down jacket, but this is just not the same...This winter's adventures have been warmer.


Many of the questions usually posed to me around backpacking is the type of food I prepare when I’m out adventuring! I love food but out there, preparation of food gets to me. I want to focus on my adventure and connecting myself to the universe. Okay okay that too but the fact that I'm a slow hiker and the fact that I mess around with taking pictures, so i'm usually part of a few that arrive last at camp... so at this point I am tired and don't want to spend a long preparing food. I have recently partnered with the @forever.fresh.foods and this brand has given me 2 things back...

1. Time back and not stressing about what to prepare

2. Tasty meals that keeps me coming back for more!

I have nothing against noodles, i've just not been a fan. I am happy to have a change of heart here and add them to my meals too so if you have a super recipe, bring it on haha). I must slip in here that I boil water a little less lately which saves my little gas, thanks to my @stanley_brand flasks and @hydroflask @hydroflaskza


I know YOU KNOW the struggles of keeping that portable gas stove running during windy days, it’s bloody hard 😂😂 @naturehikeafrica wind shield has rescued those disastrous occasions

What’s a trail without tracking it? This little @garminsa gadget has truly made life simple for me. Gotten lost once or twice (whose counting) and little baby got me back on track so easy! #NoteToSelf learn to read maps please 😂😂😂 yeah it’s still a battle so I leave it to the pros😆😆

Comfort comfort comfort… I can never stress this enough as a hiker !!! However I've always been a firm believer of trying something out before investing. So for me, Salomon shoes have really showed up when it comes to comfort. I've tried a few other brands before and this brand still showed up.

My demin jacket is a memorial ! A collection of memories ! life's journeys! This is where I have a collection of my hiking adventure, tourism vibes and village visit patches. My pastor also went to Everest Base Camp and thought of me on that Mountain... He brought back a souvenir for me... so you see, it doesn't stop you from doing the same... bring on those patches lets fill this denim jacket with yours and my memories.

If hats could tell a story.... my my my this hat has a file of those. This is my Kway bucket hat that I fell in love with at the store the moment I tried it on. Its been years and its never come off. Its defined me and has become my signature hat. I've taken the same hat and rebranded it with my logo. oh come on, gimme a break will you? you would've done exactly the same. I'm not covering the Kway logo if that's what you're thinking. The logo faded a few years back, okay pumpkins ?

I've had an amazing time with my 360 degrees 1-Man tent that I bought second hand on Hiking South Africa website when I first started out embarking on backpacking. Its served me well but I think it's time I bowed and thanked it for the amazing memories and move on. Yes yes its still one of my favourite things and as a result, i'm handing it over to the young Scouter i'm raising.

And besides I'm usually little Cinderella, one to arrive just after 10pm and before midnight at camp on Fridays and i'm now never in the mood for too technical manoeuvres with doing a tent. Like - issa no thanks. So if you can recommend a tent, ideally a two man tent for when I go out camping with this young lad but light enough for me to carry... I'll give it a test and review it.

Too much to ask? Surely not ! Its no brainer, I have a massive scar on my abdomen and I need comfort, I don't want to spend too long a time preparing my tent... so Can I give you the reader (If you care for my health and the journey that i've been on) to point me on a direction of a 2-man tent, comfortable for me and mine... Son! Son! gosh your minds, well I mean you can find me a partner while you're on this hunt hahaha.

And then my last BEST BUY of forever!!!!! has to be my Osprey 65L Ariel. My goodness the most lightweight backpack i've ever carried... very practical with its top cover that turns into a day pack. Colour, okay I don't know about you but colour is everything for me and NOT for the reasons you are things, or maybe they are... I'm easily spotted on the mountain should I get lost (touch wood - there I am testing the universe again...nxa)

These are a few of my favourite things and reasons why !

Tell me about yours ...

Have a SUPER weekend

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