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LIFT AS YOU RISE, and as you learn, TEACH – The Kilimanjaro Women Hike

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

It is so often said to lift as you rise and teach as you learn. These are merely statements others may utter as you go about life, but these statements have become the way in which I see life and go about my life experiences. I believe there is so much of information out there and like water you will never have enough of it, so don’t harbour information but share and impart as much as you can and see how you light up your part of the world…

After summiting Kilimanjaro I knew I’d come back a different person! More brave more authentic and more powerful, at first I didn’t know how, but I kept believing and in anticipation of seeing the little shifting rocks along my life’s journey which will ultimately be a mountain moved.

Like many, I have gone through life seeking My WHY, and I continue to meet myself and learn new parts of me that want to leave this world a better place than how I’ve found it, in short, my WHY is so wide spread and here’s one of them.