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LIFT AS YOU RISE, and as you learn, TEACH – The Kilimanjaro Women Hike

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

It is so often said to lift as you rise and teach as you learn. These are merely statements others may utter as you go about life, but these statements have become the way in which I see life and go about my life experiences. I believe there is so much of information out there and like water you will never have enough of it, so don’t harbour information but share and impart as much as you can and see how you light up your part of the world…

After summiting Kilimanjaro I knew I’d come back a different person! More brave more authentic and more powerful, at first I didn’t know how, but I kept believing and in anticipation of seeing the little shifting rocks along my life’s journey which will ultimately be a mountain moved.

Like many, I have gone through life seeking My WHY, and I continue to meet myself and learn new parts of me that want to leave this world a better place than how I’ve found it, in short, my WHY is so wide spread and here’s one of them.

On 20th August 2022 I had the privilege of hosting a Kilimanjaro Women Feedback Hike attended by over 50 people from different walks of life

I Identified a few powerful strong women who summited Kilimanjaro over the years to as recent as two weeks before the hike to share their journeys with those who have been sending me private messages about Kilimanjaro trek, why I went, how and what I had to prepare. Granted, when I decided to climb Kilimanjaro I also felt information was not readily available and one had to really do much digging and research before agreeing to finally climb.

I was blessed to climb Kilimanjaro with G2G Adventures, Albert and Choda to be specific, the two bold and powerful gents who guided me to my summit. I had known Albert 4 years before my climb and he actually came to South Africa to share more information just in-case I had the shivers about this big mountain. A win for him because customer service is a massive love language if you get my drift... it is that big of a deal! Mind you I had a massive team of men who looked after all my needs on the mountain easing me into the climb! nooooo not those needs dummy, get your mind off the gutters... these guys are super professional with a guaranteed summit rate.

So in short, while some information was served on a platter by G2G, I wanted to hear others' experiences before leaving. Naledi was forever on my speed dial haha, perks of having mountain goat friends, but granted I wanted more. So on my return I decided I will gift others with information i needed.

I specifically chose to do the hike in August being Woman’s month in South Africa. This information sharing hike was to firstly celebrate these women who walk among us, have them share their journeys because we have certainly seen their summit pictures shared on social platforms but in essence I wanted them to share their WHY, their experiences and emotions faced on the mountain. I wanted to show that these mountaineers, these women climbers are sisters, mothers, colleagues, daughters and wives, just like you and me. So climbing Kilimanjaro was in fact not a far fetched dream.

Khanyisa Stengile - The Endo Warrior

Masego Seane - Lali Wines

Naledi Kgotlagomang

Abigail Semono - The Career Strategist

And Certainly Esther Massinga, a 3X Kilimanjaro Summiteer and 2X Everest Base Camp climber

Women Climbing for their purposes and pushing limits, so excuse me when I say the sky was never the limit to begin with.

I specifically chose women from different hiking groups to show collaboration amongst the community, that we are so much stronger when we stand together as women and they heeded to my vision and call to action. There was one twist to the hike though, ladies had to wear dresses, skirts or tutus because after all I am the Skirtgirlhiker, what’s a hike without that little piece of attire haha. Can you believe the support received just from seeing these ladies looking so gorgeous on the day. I had amazing gents that came to the hike to support and celebrate not only me but these amazing women who took up the challenge to Climb Kili, the iron women… kore Dichipi !!!!!

Some of the information shared on the day was how to mentally prepare for the hike, challenges faced on summit night, how you need to dig deep when faced with challenges... one of the ladies made a joke about digging deep, seriously? how deep must you go exactly haha. It was a day filled with laughter, empowerment, influencing positively, no doubt we will continue seeing more mountaineering females.

The idea was also one of GRATITUDE and giving back to my community who so ably rose to the occasion when I called for support during my fund raising campaign as I was climbing Kilimanjaro for Cancer Patients and Ostomates.

Amongst the hikers during the hike was a little girl Zoe, who also came to the hike with her friends and somehow gravitated towards me. As I held her hand for safety reasons on a sharp descend, I felt as though I was handing over the baton to her and remembered Maya Angelou’s quote “Lift as you rise” - I kept telling her “the World is your oyster and you can and WILL BE anything you want, the sky is not the limit and baby girl, anything is possible”.

I’m grateful to the women who saw and understood my vision (Naledi Kgotlagomang, Abigail Semono, Esther Massinga, Masego Seane, Khanyisa Stengile). Make certain you connect with these women and be empowered!

Thank you to the men and women that continue to celebrate each other on and off trail and those who open their farms for us to experience nature. Lesego Lewedi Flamingo Hiking Trail was indeed lovely and those who keep us accountable when we share our visions - Nthabi Thank you to those who donated to my hike when I knocked on their doors (First Ascent, Futurelife, Decathlon South Africa and Andile’s Takeaways) My heart is full to have been brave enough to bring this vision to life and what a success

I have loaded all Hike pictures on my Facebook Albums (6) Lerato Monyatsi | Facebook (incase the link doesnt work for you)

I hope you enjoy it.

Yours in Purposeful Living


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