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Old Adventures became my Inspiration to Fight on

My Body has gone through so much. Mentally and physically and I wonder how it is that I’m still here, how blessed I am to still be here. But Purpose is a huge thing you see. If that is not fulfilled my dear Lerato, then sweetheart you are going nowhere.

During the chemotherapy days when I needed some inspiration I would turn to my dropbox, (flip, now that I think about it again, can I just say that being a Cancer patient going through Chemotherapy for 4 hours per day over 5 days in 1 week, I desperately needed WIFI and found none at the hospital that was nursing me – hated that pretty much. I obviously made noise about it but anyway, I digress. I flipped through so many of my hiking adventures with so many people that I’ve walked with that have touched my life and I, theirs. I had tears rolling down my face wondering if I’ll ever be able to climb again.

Thing is, I was not negative, I had the will power and was telling myself YES I CAN. But the little small voice that follows you around was also present, saying “atleast you lived your life, its time to hang up your boots now. I was not about to allow that voice to be the main character in my story, or a starring as my fellow township peeps would call it. I needed me to be that starring, the main character that would rise to the freaken challenge and run the woods again, feel the earth beneath my feet with each soil particle manoeuvring itself through my toes, feel the sun rise over my face in the blistering morning chill, quench my thirst with the ever flowing waters falling from the oh so high rock formation finding its way down my throat.

I thought perhaps yes I will climb, not the tough mountains, perhaps the small ones. But But But, I had a friend who told me he saw me, almost like a premonition or a dream, he saw me climbing and not just climbing but one high mountain. He’s a good friend, a prayer warrior, God’s servant. So I held on to that.

I remember everytime I went into the Oncology Bathrooms and looked in the mirror I saw me, the SHERO that would rise up to this challenge, the SHERO that has risen to so many challenges life has thrown her way. And so of course I did what I knew to do best when in those bathrooms, I SANG… I SANG my lungs out…

haha okay okay I lie haha I mean there were other patients there right?! So no I couldn’t really belt it out but haha I discovered a new best friend during COVID19…. Helloooooo TikTok. YES YES you guessed it, I belted it out using TikTok….

I found strength in praising the Lord through TikTok, and I found strength in revisiting my old adventures I had been on. So a couple of months after completing Chemotherapy, I called Nthabi and in exactly these words I said “Ke ready babe”. If you know her you’d know ofcourse she does not take my word for it. She interrogates me here and asks this and that. She's been with me through the journey anyway so she kinda had an idea of where I was mentally and physically.

She confirms Gudu Falls and Cathedral Cave, having discussed before that I’d love to see the Drakensberg even its my last trip there. I remember laying there at the Oncology Room on the chair looking at the drip slowly flowing into my veins and watching Drakensberg pictures again, I remembered the words I once read on one book of a brother hearing a voice of William Branham saying “I’ll ride this trail once more”. For a moment I felt those words move in me and I got that strength.

So neededless to say we went to Gudu Falls and Cathedral Cave and oh goodness was it epic. I’ll share details on the next post.



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