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So I ticked off that bucket list and its damn liberating

Hey fellow hikers... There's something about that #BucketList that feels so surreal when you tick off something you've wanted to do over and over again...Well, first weekend of the 2018 this became a reality I ticked off what I deemed a long coming hiking trail i've longed to do.

Most Aquarians will relate to this, once something disappoints you, suddenly there's an immediate urge to visit that #MustDo action list that’s been collecting dust, then out jumps to you something that will make you forget the disappointment you've just encountered, and the adrenaline is amplified. Getting ahead of myself here.

I have a passion for hiking but had never really done an over-night hike. For years I’ve been doing day hikes, anything ranging from easy to difficult, say 3km to about 17km trails and this was my next sudden chosen adventure… not just any adventure but damnit …!!! I had to make it a memorable one because nje we aquarians are about that life and so much more. Oh goodness, enough with the suspense already. So I woke up one morning in late November, bored and flipped through Instagram and Facebook, you know how we do? Yes you do I know you do it too… listen, we in this together so no judging. And so there it was, an event on Facebook calling all people wanting to do the overnight hike on the Drakensberg Amphitheatre, I thought, wait what are you kidding me? His sideline was I only take 12 hikers so first come first served. Within 5min of the post I had already called him and paid… yes I’m that girl, act now and think later *hides face*, trust me it has its perks. I was probably the first one to call and pay.

And then my word… he sent the checklist which meant SHOPPING, every girls dream right, my worst nightmare… so anyway online I went because I had less than a month to get things together AND AND (side note: I’m such a bargain girl and competition girl so) I went hunting for bargains, because it’s the season to be silly, silly!!! Contrary to popular belief, or that of my sister’s, I’m super big on research. So before shopping I went on hiking community sites, spoke to SOOOOOOOO many people online without revealing to a soul what I’ve gotten myself into, it was research as the next progressive step from being a day hiker right? Wrong!!!! My heart was literally pumping outside my body in excitement… adventure does that to me. Like I forget everything else around me, live, breathe, smell, eat that adventure until it actually happens… Remember I’m aquarius, we tend to live in our heads a lot more than deemed normal. Let’s just say similar to that boy meets girl type of teenage love in it’s infancy. Haha now you get it!! I digress.

I checked so many online stores, you name it online second hand stores, Outdoor Warehouse, Sportmans Warehouse, Drifters, Trapper you name them, I literally eye shopped until I decided on what was best for me at the time. I shopped till I dropped, and killed my wifi and wallet along with all that shopping. Needless to say I was excited and I bought so many unnecessary things that I actually never got to use…

Don’t stress though, on one of my next posts I’ll take you through my amateur packing, what works and what doesn’t, and yeah I’ll tell you all about my exciting adventure…

Let me get your taste buds or eyes, salivating for my next post in the meantime…

See you on the trails hikers !

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You are too awesome... feels so awesome ! thank you than you


mosidi masoba
mosidi masoba

Yay. I am so glad you finally did your first overnight hike. Wishing you many more years of adventure. Your blog looks so beautiful. I love all the pictures of nature. HIGH FIVE GIRL.

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