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Soweto June 16, down memory lane with my 8 year old son

I woke up on June 16, 2017, my son Aobakwe, 8years old, asked why the day was a holiday in South Africa... I took it as an opportunity to take him down memory lane and answer all other questions that may arise of how we got here as South Africa.

Soweto well known for its rich history is a must visit for anyone South African or non-South African and its vibey and gives excellent lessons throughout the year. You want to spend a good day touring the place as there are so many places to see, the vibe is extremely electrifying which makes it even harder to leave each area you stop at. Vilakazi Street prides itself with being the first to have had two Nobel Peace prize winners live on it. I have been to Soweto over 15 times and every time I go there is something new I pick up which as a result I come back more enriched.

There has recently been an opening of the Hector Pieterson Museum which was nothing short of a tear jerker. On the day I went we had free access to the museum. (as a side note, the most awesome thing about South Africa and some of its tourism campaigns is that you get to access some of the venues free on specific holidays/campaign days i.e. SANParks gives free access to some of their parks for a week in September being Tourism Awareness Month). With that said here’s a list of things you can do there on Vilakazi Street and the surrounding areas and I promise you the list is endless:

Places to visit - Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum, - Isaac Morrison Memorial and Museum - Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu Houses are an attraction - Restaurants upon restaurants but two in particular Sakhumzi and Nambitha - Street Art Sales, Music, Dancers, Clothes sales - Soweto (Lebo's) Backpackers – Storytelling on some Thursday Nights - Tour Soweto by Bike

In a nutshell do not go to Soweto if you’re in a rush, go when you have more time to spend. I’ve added a couple of pictures for you to see the AMAZEBALLZ vibe going on there…

See you in Soweto soon

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