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First Ascent Ladies Luxor Shirt: A review by Skirt Girl Hiker

Source: Ladies Luxor Shirt: A review by Skirt Girl Hiker - Blog - Community - Explore - First Ascent

Date: 04 September 2020

I recently went out to Milorho Lodge to explore the area with my 11 year old son Aobakwe, and my First Ascent Luxor Shirt, and wow!

The shirt felt so luxurious on my skin and kept me cool at all times. It was hot outside, the sun blazing, and the breeze was hot on my face but certainly not my body, the shirt felt magical as the breeze on my skin under the shirt felt suddenly cool and I was not in desperate need of shade. This is my best wearable item after my hiking skirt as they complement each other so well.

On the trail, I didn't have to walk around unpicking irritating blackjacks on my shirt 100 points for that! Later on, we got to the rock pools and yes of course, I did the hikers ritual and dunked myself in - hikers will know what I mean. I thought to test the “quick-dry” material so I didn't bring my usual small quick dry towel and was amazed at how quickly the shirt dried up after getting back on the trail for just a few minutes. Aobakwe was so jealous and put some pressure on me when he asked when am I buying him his own.