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Of Nights in the Rain Forest - Magoebaskloof

It's Saturday morning and I'm sitting in the car park at Delta Environmental Park having just dropped off Aobakwe, my 9-year-old boy for scouts outing and I have no clue what to do with myself for the next two hours. Out pops a thought, " maybe I should blog, been a while anyway, newbie-blogger or not. So here I am with my iPad flat on the grass with my legs crossed and fingers ready.

Let’s slide back to Tzaneen Hike. So there I was, booked myself with a group of hikers from Pretoria, two of which I’ve followed on Instagram for a while now and been meaning to hike. Welcome and Kea affectionately known to many as Dee. They invited me to join the Magoebaskloof Hiking Weekend. Shall we call it hut-hopping to paint a picture? Granted I couldn’t join the first day, had my cousin’s wedding that Saturday.

Log Cabins in the plantation

Did I know these guys? Nope! Trust them? Yes, I am that trusting, I can almost hear your little voices popping in your heads, "she trusted these guys?", so yes I did! Sometimes you have to be that trusting to make the journey that much exciting and extra special. I live by this rule: unless you give me a reason not to trust you, I will continue being a very trusting soul, not everyone out there is evil, live a little, come on!

Anyway weekend hike meant hikers had to park and sleep at Woodbush hut to start the hike Saturday morning for the 13km hike which